Welcome to my website, S.O.S, or Save One Survivor. I am honored to have you here. I believe it is no coincidence that you arrived at this page.

The mission of Save One Survivor (SOS)

Is to help survivors of sexual trauma heal. We provide funding and connect survivors, families, and agencies with providers in the areas of therapy, medical and legal services. SOS is also an awareness and prevention program, providing speakers for organizations who cannot otherwise afford it.

After someone has experienced sexual trauma, their whole perspective of life is altered. The feelings of shame, anger, pain, and sorrow are overwhelming. These feelings are compounded by the helplessness to change what has already happened; and the hopelessness of not having what you need to make things better.

Sexual trauma affects entire families, not just the individual. We also work with families because we know that lives are forever changed after someone is victimized.

We partner with groups and organizations

That work to fight the ignorance and apathy that allow our precious children to be sexually violated in the first place.

We work with each survivor, family and group on a case by case basis to assess need and ability to pay. Please do not hesitate to contact us to begin working toward fulfilling your particular needs so that you can begin to heal.

Please check back for updates and resources.


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